League Mission Statement


The YPFL – Youth Play Futsal League – is the lower mainland’s first and only competitive futsal league. The goal of the YPFL is to promote development and help players learn and improve through competitive, fun, and consistent futsal play.

The Vancouver Futsal Youth Play Futsal League’s mission is to provide an outlet for Futsal for youth teams across the Lower Mainland. Futsal is a key factor in youth development as players are confined in smaller spaces, with a smaller ball and are forced to play quickly, make faster decisions, and use their skill to beat opponents. We feel that Futsal needs to be a consistent part of the youth player’s training and playing schedule. We compare this to some of the top football nations in the world’s regimes such as Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Spain, and Germany. Our goal is to provide competitive, fun, and beneficial futsal matches for teams approximately twice per month over the course of their normal soccer season.

The VFA has run the Youth Play Futsal Program since 2012 and the new YPFL is here to offer a more consistent and structured futsal environment for the Lower Mainland’s Youth. The league will offer a more competitive environment and therefore be more beneficial to skill development and enjoyment levels.


League entry is approved in the following order

  1. Returning teams from the 2017/18 season
  2. New team spots  confirmed once entry form is filled out and paid
  3. Dont have a team to join? Join FCV – Futsal Club Vancouver fcv.vancouverfutsal.com


Fall/Winter Season:

The cost per team is $1200 + Tax. – 10 leagues games per season

Spring Season:

The cost per team is $700 + Tax. – 6 league games per season

NOTE: The league team registration fee covers the below team costs:

  • Team league entry
  • All game court rental costs
  • Referee Costs
  • Equipment and Game Balls



Will be sent out to league teams prior to leagues start date.  All Futsal games use official futsal league referees.




  • Fall/Winter League games run between October & February yearly – 10 Games
  • Spring League games run between April-June yearly – 6 games
  • League matches are two 20 minute halves – 40mins playing time
  • League matches will take place on Sunday afternoons
  • League matches will be scheduled around any conflicting league soccer games
  • League matches will not be playing on holidays
  • Scores will be kept but not published
  • Futsal may place teams in separate pods based on the results of the first half of the season for the last half of the season. Our goal is to make sure that all teams are playing in competitive matches throughout the season.
  • The VFA’s goal is to complement players and teams soccer schedules, and not conflict or replace your soccer setting. The VFA’s goal is to create a relationship with club, teams, players, and coaches to help support the availability of futsal.
  • All league matches are played with Official FIFA Futsal rules in a 5 v 5 including GK format.
  • All games will be played with age-specific futsal balls.


All league games will be played at Fortius Burnaby. Games will be on Sundays at midday. Teams play 2 games per game day.


The main season is open for Boys and Girls teams from the below age groups:

2010, 2009, 2008. 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004 (Open to all clubs)

Age groups may be combined to maximize competition and development.

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Q: Does my team need player cards for each match?

A: No, teams do not need to produce player cards for each match. We will ask for a roster from each team prior to the start of the season.

Q: Does my team need to be a BC Soccer Sanctioned team or organization?

A: No, we accept all groups of teams as long as they have produced a roster and meet the criteria and skill level of the league.

Q: Is this league run by BC Soccer?

A: No, The league is run by The Vancouver Futsal Association. The VFA and YPFL are associate members of the BCSA, therefore any BC Soccer registered player/players/or teams can join the league.

Q: How many players are ideal for a futsal team?

A: The ideal number of players for a futsal team is 7-9 players. This maximizes playing time while still allowing for proper rest and recovery. We recommend that teams with more than 12 players register 2 teams and split their roster.